01 March 2018 *past* ICLA London Conference 2018 - Improving Value Through Alliances, BIM & Collaborative Contracts

The International Construction Law Association, in collaboration with the King’s College Centre of Construction Law, the Alliance Steering Group and the Society of Construction Law, will be holding a conference on Thursday 1st March that will explore the links between procurement, digital technology and the law.

Alliancing and BIM are topics that are at the very frontier of developments in international construction law, as a lack of communication, mutual trust and cooperation become increasingly recognised as serious impediments in complex construction projects. The ICLA Conference presents a unique opportunity to bring together leading experts from around the world to explore the future of collaboration and multilateralism in international construction law from a comparative perspective.

Practitioners and academics from the UK, the USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany and Italy will explain how improved value is achieved using alliances, BIM and collaborative contracts. The conference will also examine the UK Government’s “Procure for Value “ initiative, the role of BIM in UK housing post-Grenfell, and the ways that new contract forms such as FAC-1 and NEC4 are working in practice.

The conference will take place at The Great Hall, King's Building, Strand Campus in London, UK. 

Flyer and the registration form are downloadable in the bottom right corner.

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Featured speakers will be:

Procuring for Value and the UK Construction Sector Deal
Ann Bentley, Lead on Supply Chain and Business Models, Construction Leadership Council

BIM and UK Housing after the Grenfell Tower disaster
Terry Stocks, Digital Built Britain, BIM Level 2 Group Delivery Director

Improving Value Through Strategic Procurement: the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract
Antony Silk, Optivo Housing Association and Neil Thody, Cameron Consulting

Contractor Leadership and Whole-Life Collaboration: Supply Chain Alliance case study
Nigel Owers, Kier Services Highways and Jason Russell, Surrey County Council


Assessing the NEC4 options: the NEC Alliance Contract and NEC cost reimbursement
Assad Maqbool, Trowers & Hamlins and Ronan Champion, Champion Pearce

Alliance procurement, BIM and German civil law
Wolfgang Breyer, Chair of ICLA and Prof. Stefan Leupertz, ex- German Supreme Court Judge

BIM, the law and alliances in Italy
Prof. Sara Valaguzza, University of Milan and Prof. Angelo Ciribini, University of Brescia

Funders’ views and the potential for alliances in Eastern Europe
Evgeny Smirnov, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Adriana Spassova, Bulgarian Society of Construction Law

Integrated project delivery and BIM in the USA and alliances in Brazil
Howard Ashcraft, Hanson Bridgett USA and John Oyama, Aroeira Salles, Brazil

ICLA Conference London 2018
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