The ICLA has a special focus on working with Universities and academics in International Construction Law as they are the conduit of information and research on latest issues and how Construction Law operates under the different jurisdictions.


The ICLA works in co-operation and supported with academic board member representation from the following Universities:

University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is located in Stuttgart, Germany and founded in 1829. It is one of the top nine leading technical universities in Germany with highly ranked programs in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. The academic tradition of the University of Stuttgart goes back to its most famous graduate student: Gottlieb Daimler, the Inventor of the automobile.


Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is a co-educational and public research university located in MoscowRussia and founded on January 25, 1755 by Mikhail Lomonosov. Rated among the best universities globally it has more than 47000 students (graduate and postgraduate) and over 6000 professors and lecturers. Additionally there are 5000 researchers working for the faculties and research institutes.


King´s College London

King's College London (King’s) is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom, and a founding constituent college of the federal University of London since 1836. King’s is home to the reputable Centre of Construction Law founded in 1987 by Professor John Uff QC.


University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen (Danish: Københavns Universitet) is the oldest and most prestigious university and research institution in Denmark having been founded in 1479.


Peking University Law School

Peking University (PKU) Law School was officially inaugurated on June 26, 1999. Its precursor was the Law Department of Peking University, founded in 1904, thus being the institution with the longest history of modern legal education in China.


British University in Dubai

The British University in Dubai (BUiD) was established in 2004, and is the Middle East region's first, research based, postgraduate university having partnerships with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, and Cardiff University.


University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is an Australian public research university located in Melbourne, Victoria, being Australia's second oldest university founded in 1853. Melbourne Law School (MLS) is one of the professional graduate schools of the University and was established in 1857 being Australia's oldest law school to begin teaching operations.